Jimee Motor China Centrifugal Fan 146mm Plastic Factory Fcu Blower Jm

Jimee Motor China Centrifugal Fan 146mm Plastic Factory Fcu Blower Jm

Overview Suzhou Jimee Motor Co., Ltd.Add: 9 Huayuan East Road, Mudu Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, China Cross Flow Blo


Basic Info.
Model NO. Cross Flow Blower
Type Cross Flow Fan
Voltage 100-380 VAC
Mounting Cooling Fan
Application Floor Heating / Air Curtain / Air Purifier / Micr
OEM /ODM All Available
Frequency 50Hz
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Color Black or Silver
Blade Material Cast Iron
Motor Type Motor
Expected Life <50000 Hours
Applicable Industries Retail, Advertising Company
Customized Support OEM, ODM
Product Name Cross Flow Blower
Transport Package on-Demand Customization
Specification On-Demand Customization
Trademark JIMEE
Origin Suzhou, China
Production Capacity 50000000PCS/Month
Product Description

Suzhou Jimee Motor Co., Ltd.Add: 9 Huayuan East Road, Mudu Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, China

Cross Flow Blower

Cross flow fans from JIMEE Motor are constructed from a temperature-resistant aluminum alloy to withstand high heat environments. Characterized by a long, rectangular shape, cross flow fans are ideal for areas where space is limited. They are available in AC, DC and high-efficiency EC types, as well as numerous sizes and efficiencies for any application. Our cross flow fans are specially designed to minimize vibration and maintain a low noise ratio.Advantages of Cross Flow FansUsed widely throughout the HVAC and electronics industries, cross flow fans produce an even laminar airflow to keep components from overheating. Cross flow fans deliver a fairly two-dimensional flow and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. This type of fan is commonly used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications.Due to their characteristics, they produce a number of advantages over other types of fans, including:More compact with a long, shallow frontGreater efficiency relative to smaller pressure and placementLong-throw direct ventilationControllable versatilityLow load requirements when throttledLower speedMinimal noiseCross flow fans from JIMEE Motor also include a variety of value-added benefits. We implement special coating methods to reduce motor winding noise and improve the service life of our products. We also use high-quality bearings with proven quality standards to ensure that our products meet the highest performance expectations.Types of Cross Flow FansThere are three main types of cross flow fans, including AC, DC, and high-efficiency EC cross flow fans. Each type provides a unique set of characteristics that make them a viable solution for different applications.AC Cross Flow FansThe major distinction between a centrifugal fan and an AC cross flow fan has to do with the method of air flow. The AC cross flow fan features transverse airflow that passes directly through the fan twice rather than through an inlet. Featuring quieter airflow, a compact airflow, and a high-pressure coefficient, these fans are an ideal choice for electronics and appliance applications using an AC power source.DC Cross Flow FansDC cross flow fans offer an ideal solution for equipment powered by a 12V, 24V, or 48V DC power source, providing efficient parallel airflow to the cooled unit, lower noise, and reduced vibration. DC cross flow fans offer third wire options such as:Signal rotation detectionSignal-frequency generator functionOperating temperature controlA variety of single and two-fan mounting optionsHigh-Efficiency EC Cross Flow FansHigh-efficiency EC cross flow fans are centrifugal fans which introduce airflow through the fan instead of an inlet. These fans use electronically commutated motors, which function on AC power but generate magnetic fields in the fashion of a brushless DC motor. These properties give this fan the best features of AC and DC fans for maximum energy efficiency. EC cross flow fans feature long service life, precise control, and versatile speed capabilities

Product Description
Fan typeCross flow fan / tangential fan
Bearing typedual-ball bearing
Voltage12V 24V dc
FrameCast Iron
ImpellerAluminum Alloy
Port settingsTerminal or Lead wire
FeasureLow noise, High Air Volume, stable performance, long life,small size, low vibration, light weight
Application laser instruments, air conditioning, air curtain equipment, dryers, hair dryer, household appliances and grain combine harvesters.

JIMEE Motor China Centrifugal Fan 146mm Plastic Factory Fcu Blower JM-400-95 Aluninum Impeller Flow Fan Motor For Oven Floor Heating Warming Ventilation Cooling


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